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Year 6 Didcot Evacuee Day

Year 6 Didcot Evacuee Day

Year 6 children travelled back in time last week when they spent a fantastic day at Didcot Railway Centre as part of our studies on World War II.

Dressed in 1940s clothes and armed with gas masks and labels, they headed on the train from Pangbourne to Didcot where they enjoyed a fully immersive and interactive experience seeing life through the eyes of children in WWII. 

Guided by a dedicated team from the Centre, the children were taught about rationing and the Blitz; handled artefacts and put out an imaginary fire of an incendiary bomb; handled the signals in the signalling centre and sent messages 'down the line';  spent time in a bomb shelter and heard the sounds of the bombers overhead. They even had to get out of the air raid shelter through the escape hatch wearing tin helmets!

With an exciting steam train ride to an unknown destination and time spent with their new families learning about their new duties on the farm and the Manor, the children were given an unforgettable insight into life during the war. 

A wonderful day for all of us.