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Learning about different periods of history should:

  • stimulate understanding and empathy for others
  • increase interest and knowledge about how things used to be in this country
  • increase understanding of current affairs and global issues
  • grow speaking and listening skills, respecting the views of others
  • inspire creative writing
  • encourage independent thinking through examining sources



A variety of methods are to be employed in the teaching of History:

  •        Teacher presentations, including storytelling and role-play to create             empathy.  
    •        Question and answer sessions, discussions and debates.
    •        Individual and group research (online and other methods) and                     presentations. 
    •       Use of video and films
    •       Investigating artefacts, maps, photographs, paintings and other                  documents as sources of evidence.
    •       Critical analysis and evaluation of sources of evidence.  
    •       Fieldwork, visitors and visits to museums and sites of historic interest.
    •       Special Events: History Days.