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Pangbourne Curriculum

Here you will find details about what we teach at Pangbourne Primary School.

PPS Identity

As a team of staff, we have decided on some of the key features of what makes Pangbourne Primary School unique and how this should affect the curriculum of the school.

‘Reaching for their Star’ - At Pangbourne Primary School, we believe in nurturing five key qualities that children will need for the rest of their lives in order to Reach for their Star. We teach children in order that they may be:


Creative Thinkers 


Good Communicators 


These school values are the starting point for our curriculum.

Pangbourne location: Pangbourne is located on the banks of the River Thames and is surrounded by countryside. The village is full of character, with the church of St James the Less in the heart. We therefore try to make the most of the surroundings by teaching outdoors where possible. Swimming is a higher priority within the school because of the proximity of the river. We also have a strong partnership with the local community, taking part in church services and performing for community groups. 

Sport has always had a high priority within the school, and we have a healthy sports calendar that aims to give all children the opportunity to take part through house competition and to represent the school. We teach PE using Real PE principles, which intertwine with the school’s learning values. We also make use of outside coaches to give more specialised sports coaching. 

Arts: We have a talented body of staff and the school has always had a good reputation for putting on wonderful productions. At Christmas, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 put on a Christmas Nativity. In the Summer term, KS2 put on a musical production. The choir also features prominently, with those particularly talented singers involved in the Minstrels. There are a range of options for taking up musical instruments and singing across the school is promoted within class and in assemblies. 

Social setting: Many of the children who attend the school come from less affluent areas. Therefore, we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible within school. Alongside sporting and musical opportunities, we provide residential trips in Year 4 and Year 6, trips to local landmarks and places of interest, a variety of after-school clubs, access to technology.


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