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Aims & Values

Pangbourne Primary School encourages everyone to be life-long learners, respect each other and reach for their star. 

Here at Pangbourne Primary School, we pride ourselves on providing a happy, supportive and safe learning environment.

We are passionate about providing an education that will give children the best possible start in life, setting them up to be lifelong learners and continually striving to ‘Reach for their star’.

We believe that, by having a strong partnership with the home and the local community, children can achieve academic and personal excellence. 

Our talented team of staff provide stimulating learning experiences and deliver a curriculum that we feel meets the challenges children will face in the local environment and will equip them to contribute effectively to the wider world. 

As a team of staff, we have decided on some core values that we feel will enable children to meet their full potential.

At Pangbourne Primary School, we aim to promote: 

Resilience: Children need to have the courage to have a go at something without a fear of getting it wrong. When they do make mistakes, children need to see this as a learning opportunity and try again. 

Inquisitiveness: Children should be motivated to learn new things and be enthusiastic about gaining knowledge and skills and finding things out. 

Communication: Children should be able to work effectively with others – other children, teachers, support staff, parents and the wider community. 

Independence: Children should be equipped to tackle challenges by themselves. They should be responsible for their learning and know when they need help. 

Creative Thinking: Children should be encouraged to have and share new and creative ideas. They should approach problems in different ways and find effective ways of overcoming them.